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Apple lawsuit forces Amazon to stop accepting new “Appstore” apps in Germany

Jul. 30, ‘11: Apple’s efforts to get Amazon to stop using the word “Appstore” to describe its app store have not been successful yet. But Apple has caused Amazon some trouble in Germany: Amazon has recently stopped accepting new apps from developers there because … Continue reading →

When market research predicts fantasy, or: No, 35% of consumers won’t buy the iPhone 5

Jul. 29, ‘11: Market research can be useful for companies or investors. But other times, it’s basically fiction. For the latter, check out the dozens of stories on the web this week based on a recent survey from PriceGrabber, with the headline: “Thirty-five … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The growing importance of Facebook for online video

Jul. 29, ‘11: The latest comScore Video Metrix report shows Facebook in the top 10 destinations for online video with nearly 48 million unique viewers in June 2011, outpacing popular video sites like Hulu (26.7 million uniques). That seems impressive on its own, … Continue reading →

Apple captured two-thirds of the mobile industry’s profits in Q2

Jul. 29, ‘11: That’s up from 57% in Q1 and 50% in Q4 and Q3, according to Asymco’s Horace Dediu, who did the analysis. Related: The iPhone 4 gets better with age

Apple sells more tablets in 2 weeks than Motorola plans to ship all year

Jul. 28, ‘11: Motorola confirmed today that its Xoom tablet, running on Google’s Android platform, is a flop. Here’s Ina Fried, reporting for All Things D: Motorola said on Thursday that it expects to sell 1.3 million to 1.5 tablets for the full year, … Continue reading →

“328 Googlers Facebook should poach”

Jul. 28, ‘11: Interesting exercise and post by Seravia, a business analytics startup, to try and figure out algorithmically which Google engineers Facebook should try to steal if it wants to build a search engine. We set ourselves a target of identifying 100+ … Continue reading →

The only thing that matters about Twitter’s new ad product is that it exists

Jul. 28, ‘11: Twitter has been planning in-stream ads for how long? — more than a year? — and they’re finally here. And that’s what counts. As the old Apple adage goes, real artists ship. Twitter, under the leadership of CEO Dick Costolo and Chairman … Continue reading →

Logitech: More Google TV box returns than sales*

Jul. 28, ‘11: No surprise, but it sounds like Google’s entry into the TV software market isn’t going very well. From Logitech’s fiscal Q1/calendar Q2 remarks to shareholders: (PDF via GigaOM) Q1 was a very weak quarter for sales of Logitech Revue. While … Continue reading →

Twitter’s in-stream ads are launching today

Jul. 28, ‘11: Peter Kafka has the details at All Things D. Important points on the launch: You’ll only see “promoted tweets” from companies/brands you already follow You’ll only see them on Twitter’s web site, not in apps like Twitter for iPhone or … Continue reading →

Verizon and AT&T have grown like crazy over the past 5 years, while Sprint is flat

Jul. 28, ‘11: With 52 million subscribers, Sprint is now back around its 2006 size. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon have both grown by more than 50% since then, with around 100 million subs each. That’s the difference between good M&A (AT&T-BellSouth, Verizon-Alltel) and … Continue reading →