Monday, July 18, 2011 at 11:25 am.

3D movies have “collapsed in the United States”

Even for Harry Potter, American moviegoers continue to choose 2D over 3D. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield has the stats (registration required):

3D has collapsed in the United States.  This past weekend, only 43% of domestic box office for Harry Potter came from 3D, which included 9% from IMAX.  On an attendance basis, only 34% of the audience chose to see the film in a 3D format, with only 28% choosing non-IMAX 3D. Given the number of 2D sell-outs, we would not be surprised if the number of attendees that actually wanted to see the “3D illusion” was even lower, but were forced to overspend to see it in 3D.