Monday, July 25, 2011 at 12:56 pm.

Smart cover, indeed: Average iPad price including accessories is up $50

Apple’s cool and functional iPad 2 “smart cover” also seems to be doing its job for Apple’s business.

During Apple’s recently reported June quarter, the iPad 2’s ASP, or average sales price — including “iPad sales, services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPad accessories” — was $654.¬†That’s up $50 from the March quarter, and up $25 from the December quarter, the last full quarter of iPad 1 sales. (Via Sammy the Walrus IV.)

Why the increase in ASP? There’s a chance, perhaps, that iPad 2 buyers have been buying devices with more storage space than prior iPad buyers, or maybe a higher mix of 3G iPads than before.

But I haven’t seen many iPad 2s out there without an Apple smart cover attached, whereas most original iPad covers I see have been after-market add-ons. Starting at $40, and going up to $70, the smart cover seems a very likely contributor to Apple’s ASP gains.

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