Monday, July 18, 2011 at 9:52 am.

More Windows Phone 7 customers are “Very Satisfied” than Android customers

More Apple iPhone customers are “Very Satisfied” with their phones than any other platform, new survey results from ChangeWave Research suggest. (This is typical.)

But more Microsoft Windows Phone 7 customers appear to be “Very Satisfied” than Google Android customers, a story that isn’t getting much attention.

If Windows Phone 7 is so good, how come no one is hearing about it? (And why are so few people buying it?)¬†Because for whatever reason, the important people in the mobile industry aren’t really talking about it much.

ChangeWave itself, in fact, buried this data in the text of its report. In the chart it provides, it combines Windows Phone 7 customer satisfaction with the much lower satisfaction of the extinct Windows Mobile platform, making it look like all of Microsoft’s mobile platforms are just as bad as the BlackBerry, and much worse than Android.

Why is Microsoft getting screwed like this?

Perhaps because it has disappointed before in mobile? Perhaps because the number of apps available for WP7 devices is still very small compared to Android and iOS? Perhaps because it’s not doing enough to shake people and make them listen? Perhaps because Google and Apple are good-guy stories and Microsoft still has some Evil Empire to it?

Either way, this is more data showing that Windows Phone 7 is not a junk platform. Now it’s up to Microsoft and its partners to sell it.