Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 9:09 pm.

How Netflix and Hulu subscribers watch videos

New survey results from Nielsen, via All Things D’s Peter Kafka.

A few reactions:

  • The fact that more than 10% of Netflix subscribers report watching on every major game console and even on connected Blu-ray players is great evidence of how large Netflix’s ecosystem is. (And how game console companies have a huge hand in “over-the-top” video and should figure out how to exploit it better.)
  • The relatively low penetration on Internet-connected TVs suggests that Apple could totally show up, not late to the game, and make an impact.
  • I would love to know how 1% of Hulu subscribers say they are watching on Apple TV, when Apple TV doesn’t support Hulu. Are they talking about AirPlay, perhaps? (Is that even activated in the Hulu iOS app?)
  • Note that this reflects a percentage of subscribers who watch Netflix or Hulu on each type of device, not the share of total viewing hours. For instance, recall that in January, Netflix said that viewing hours on the Apple TV had already passed the iPad, even though there were far more iPads in the world than Apple TV devices. (And, according to this survey, 3x more people watching Netflix on iPad than Apple TV.)

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