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Here’s how Apple is forcing a worse user experience on its customers

Jul. 25, ‘11: Amazon just updated its Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad to remove an important function: The link to its Kindle store where you can go to buy new e-books. Now, Apple device owners will have to figure out on … Continue reading →

Smart cover, indeed: Average iPad price including accessories is up $50

Jul. 25, ‘11: Apple’s cool and functional iPad 2 “smart cover” also seems to be doing its job for Apple’s business. During Apple’s recently reported June quarter, the iPad 2′s ASP, or average sales price — including “iPad sales, services, and Apple-branded and … Continue reading →

Facebook for iPhone now has 85 million active users, up 50% in 7 months

Jul. 25, ‘11: Facebook’s iPhone app just passed 85 million monthly active users, according to the Facebook for iPhone page. That’s up 50% from 7 months ago, around Christmas, when it had 57 million active users. How about Facebook’s penetration among iOS devices? … Continue reading →

RIM lays off 2,000, BlackBerry COO is retiring after medical leave

Jul. 25, ‘11: Research in Motion announced 2,000 layoffs and some management changes this morning. Both co-CEOs remain in their positions, but Don Morrison, currently on medical leave, is retiring as COO of BlackBerry after more than 10 years with RIM, and after … Continue reading →

Mobile World Congress is staying in Barcelona

Jul. 22, ‘11: After considering moving Mobile World Congress to Paris, Milan, and Munich, the GSMA has decided to keep the annual trade show in Barcelona, at least through 2018. It sounds like you’ll only have to deal with the old facilities and … Continue reading →

Alexander Calder Google Doodle is one of the coolest yet

Jul. 22, ‘11: Check out Google today. Very slick Google logo — a Calder mobile that you can move around. The shadow even animates. (And according to Google’s Marissa Mayer, you can even move it gravitationally by rocking your laptop. I haven’t gotten … Continue reading →

Microsoft loses another $728 million online

Jul. 22, ‘11: That’s enough to fund Color more than 17 times, just from last quarter’s losses in the online department. More from Business Insider, including a scary chart. Otherwise, a solid quarter from Microsoft: $6 billion of profit on $17 billion of … Continue reading →

Roger McNamee on mobile, HTML5, and the future of TV

Jul. 22, ‘11: Smart, interesting, and entertaining, and worth watching in its entirety.

Why Apple will dominate the tablet market for years

Jul. 21, ‘11: Many in the tech world believe that Google will quickly grow to dominate the tablet market the way Android quickly grew to dominate the smartphone market. Well, it’s not happening yet. Today at Daring Fireball, John Gruber used recent Android … Continue reading →

Apple made more profit than Microsoft over the past year

Jul. 21, ‘11: MG Siegler is keeping score: Microsoft touted $23.15 billion in net income for the year. Apple only passed Microsoft in profit last quarter, the final financial piece to fall. Still, amazingly, Apple holds the yearly edge there too. $23.61 billion. Given their … Continue reading →