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Bloomberg: Apple considering a bid for Hulu

Jul. 21, ‘11: More from Bloomberg’s Andy Fixmer and Adam Satariano. I’d file this under “Apple taking a meeting because it can,” the way Apple was once said to be interested in Twitter. Unless Steve Jobs sees Hulu Plus as the makings of a subscription video … Continue reading →

AT&T customers spending more than ever on data, despite cheaper plans and free texting apps

Jul. 21, ‘11: Last summer, AT&T was the first major U.S. carrier to drop its unlimited data plan for new subscribers. In its place, AT&T has offered two metered data plans, each less expensive than the previous unlimited plan, which cost $30 per … Continue reading →

Apple sells 1 million copies of OS X Lion on first day

Jul. 21, ‘11: Pretty good. Apple didn’t do a similar press release with Snow Leopard, but notes today that “users are buying Lion faster than any other OS release in Apple’s history.” Given how easy it is to buy it, that’s not surprising. … Continue reading →

Random airplane boarding saves time, American Airlines discovers

Jul. 21, ‘11: As Scott McCartney reports for the WSJ, it also allows AA to offer another fee-based service: Express boarding. For passengers who find American’s random boarding too risky, there are options to board early. “Express Seating” offers Group 1 boarding and … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] A new class of app developers?

Jul. 21, ‘11: There’s no question apps have become a business-critical distribution channel for media companies and marketers, whether it’s on Facebook, smartphones and tablets, even connected TVs. It turns out building apps requires a highly specialized skill set. Organizations have been forced … Continue reading →

The iPad has already gobbled up 20% of the consumer PC market

Jul. 21, ‘11: Matt Rosoff reports for Business Insider: Add in Apple’s 3.95 million Macs, and Apple sold 13.2 million personal computing devices, making it the second largest computer vendor in the world, after only HP (with 15.3 million).

Chart: Apple shoots past Nokia in smartphone shipments

Jul. 21, ‘11: For the first time ever, Apple shipped more smartphones than Nokia in Q2. This is equally illustrative of Apple’s rise as it is of Nokia’s fall. Here’s what it looks like visually: Note that there is a small discrepancy in Nokia’s … Continue reading →

Apple sold more smartphones than Nokia in Q2

Jul. 21, ‘11: Nokia reported this morning that it shipped 16.7 million smartphones in Q2, down 34% year-over-year and down 31% from Q1. Apple, meanwhile, shipped 20.3 million iPhones in Q2, up 142% year-over-year and up 9% from Q1. That means Apple sold more … Continue reading →

OS X Lion: First impressions

Jul. 20, ‘11: Installing Lion on my MacBook Air (secondary computer) from the Mac App Store was surprisingly fast and painless. It took a lot less time than going to the Apple store and buying a disc. The upside-down scrolling is very disorienting. … Continue reading →

Amazon announces video streaming deal with CBS ahead of tablet launch

Jul. 20, ‘11: Amazon is building up its video streaming library ahead of its big tablet launch: It just announced a non-exclusive deal with CBS, the lone Hulu holdout: With the deal, Amazon will add 2,000 episodes to grow the total number of … Continue reading →