Friday, July 29, 2011 at 5:39 pm.

[Sponsor] The growing importance of Facebook for online video

The latest comScore Video Metrix report shows Facebook in the top 10 destinations for online video with nearly 48 million unique viewers in June 2011, outpacing popular video sites like Hulu (26.7 million uniques). That seems impressive on its own, but Facebook’s influence over online video reaches well beyond video views on the social networking site.

According to research from Brightcove and TubeMogul, Facebook is now the fastest growing source for referral traffic to video content on websites. Facebook now also ranks second only to Google as a destination for Internet users to find video content across the Web.

What’s more, Internet users who find online video via Facebook tend to watch for longer periods of time and are more likely to watch to the end.

If you’re a video publisher interested in reach and engagement, you’re going to need to figure out a social media strategy. At least that’s the contention of a new Brightcove whitepaper making the rounds called, “Like, Link, Share, Tweet: A How-to Guide to Video + Social Media.” In it, Brightcove explores the social side of online video with recent statistics, examples from marketing and media, as well as tips for integrating services like Facebook into video distribution strategies. You can download the free whitepaper here.

There’s also video available on the topic from a panel presentation at the Brightcove PLAY conference, “Harnessing Social Media To Expand Audience Reach & Deepen Engagement.”

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