Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm.

Verizon Wireless “business” sales is neglecting Windows Phone 7, too

Unsolicited email I received yesterday from a Verizon Wireless “business account executive”:

Today is the final day of Verizon Wireless’ unlimited data plan. If you are considering starting a new line(s) with a Smartphone ( Blackberry, Android, Iphone) , today is your last chance to lock into an unlimited data plan. Please email or call  me with any orders/ questions.

No mention of Windows Phone 7.

Not that Verizon’s a big seller of WP7 phones to begin with — there’s only one in stock, the HTC Trophy, on VZW’s website. And, yes, this is just one informal email. Or maybe WP7 devices aren’t considered “business” phones?

But this strikes the same chord as Michael Gartenberg’s research last month: Carrier salespeople aren’t going out of their way to sell Windows phones.