Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 6:59 pm.

Tampa Bay Bucs buy each player an iPad for playbook and videos

The St. Petersburg Times’ Rick Stroud reports another cool use of the iPad in the enterprise:

Some veteran players, such as running back Earnest Graham (in his eighth season) and center Jeff Faine (in his ninth), still prefer to jot down notes on a pad of paper.

“But I think guys are really more likely to go home and take a look at their plays (with the iPad),” Graham said. “It’s the way guys these days are about anyway. Now all of a sudden you’ve got to take your playbook home.

“It’s not that guys don’t want to look at plays, but it’s the convenience. … Guys are accustomed to already doing things on their iPads anyway.”

Beyond the convenience, there’s also a security aspect to this: If a player loses his iPad full of team secrets, the device can be remotely wiped.

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