Monday, August 29, 2011 at 1:16 pm.

Dish Network Tailgater: A 10-pound, $350 portable satellite antenna

Dish Network tailgaterRequires a separate $150 set-top box (another 5 pounds) and a TV and a power supply, and coax cables.

Perhaps there’s a niche market for this — people who go on trips in remote areas, and insist on watching HDTV, or something? — but this strikes me as overkill.

This is a place where an iPad with a 4G data connection and a streaming app should be all you’d ever need.

Update: Another group of potential would-be buyers I’m hearing about are people who tailgate outside college football stadiums, who might not have tickets to the game and just want to hang out in the parking lot. I suppose that’s another potential market.

Anyway, I mostly see this as amusing, given how most everything else about portable video technology is getting smaller and more integrated.