Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 3:24 pm.

Flashback: “Why HP is buying Palm and why it will fail”

Yours truly, writing for Business Insider, in April 2010:

Why is HP spending $1.2 billion on Palm?

Not just to get into the fast growing smartphone industry, but to end its reliance on Microsoft Windows as the basis for its hardware gadgets.

This is an ambitious task, and could obviously have a big payoff if it’s successful. HP will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the project, and will certainly make some noise.

But the odds of this working are very low, and HP’s plan will probably not be successful.

Palm was definitely a flop, as shown by HP’s willingness to kill it off so quickly. But the good news is that Palm’s patents are probably worth a lot more today than they were a year ago. And there may even be buyers for WebOS out there.