Friday, August 5, 2011 at 10:00 am.

The new red vs. blue: Is your state an iPhone state or an Android state?

Jumptap, a mobile ad network, just published its latest monthly metrics dump, including this map, which highlights the dominant smartphone platform in each state. In particular, it seems that the south and west are Google Android country, while the north and midwest favor Apple’s iPhone.

I’m a little surprised because I thought that AT&T — the iPhone powerhouse — was stronger in the south, and that Verizon — Android central — would be stronger in the northeast.

Also, it’s interesting that New York is still BlackBerry-dominated, despite the huge number of iPhones and Android devices in NYC. Perhaps it’s because BlackBerries have been part of the culture for so long that they’re considered the default phone here. But how’d they take over the Dakotas, then?

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