Monday, August 1, 2011 at 3:57 pm.

Logitech: Actually, people aren’t returning those Google TV gadgets in droves

Logitech made it sound last week like consumers were rushing to return its Google TV gadget, the Logitech Revue. But that’s not the case, according to a Logitech rep that I just got off the phone with.

Here’s what Logitech said last Wednesday in its letter to shareholders (PDF), released at the same time as it announced a huge price cut on the Revue and that its CEO was leaving the company.

Sales of Logitech Revue were slightly negative during the quarter, as returns of the product were higher than the very modest sales.

Many, including me, took this to mean that consumers — disappointed with Google TV’s limitations and/or the device’s awkward setup procedure — were returning it in droves. But according to Logitech, that is false.

Instead, the returns were coming from distributors, and were skewed by the specific timing of the quarter, during which Logitech also didn’t sell many new ones.

Logitech says that overall, returns for the Revue haven’t actually been a huge problem, both among distributors and consumers:

  • “Over the course of three quarters of sales for Logitech Revue, total returns of unsold inventory from distribution partners have not been significant as a percentage of total sales”
  • “Since we introduced Logitech Revue in October 2010, consumer returns for the product have averaged at levels comparable to other Logitech products”

Of course, it’s not good that Logitech’s retail partners were returning the Revue devices, either, even if it wasn’t that many, and even if it was just during one quarter. But it’s understandable — the devices were overpriced and underwhelming. (And I still don’t think that people want to control their TVs with a keyboard.)

Still, assuming Logitech is telling the truth, this doesn’t sound like it’s as big of a deal as it seemed at first.

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