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Save 20% on Web 2.0 Expo NYC registration

Aug. 24, ‘11: The Web 2.0 Expo is coming to NYC on Oct. 10-13. Speakers include Joi Ito, Fred and Joanne Wilson, Google CIO Ben Fried, ex-Color product guy DJ Patil, and Brad “Peanut Butter” Garlinghouse. You can save 20% on registration — … Continue reading →

Acer chairman expects iPad “fever” to die down

Aug. 24, ‘11: Clare Jim, reporting for Reuters: Taiwanese PC maker Acer Inc reported a worse-than-expected quarterly loss, the first in company history, as it took charges to reorganise in a troubled first half, and said it would be impossible to break even … Continue reading →

iPhone for Sprint: Long-term gain but short-term pain

Aug. 24, ‘11: Sprint Nextel, the no. 3 U.S. wireless carrier, will start selling Apple’s iPhone in mid-October, the WSJ’s Joann Lublin and Spencer Ante report. This is ultimately good news for Sprint, which has struggled to compete with the iPhone over the … Continue reading →

Next year’s BlackBerries will run Android apps… but not the way you think

Aug. 24, ‘11: Future BlackBerry phones running on RIM’s QNX platform will be able to run apps built for Google Android, Bloomberg’s Hugo Miller and Olga Kharif report. This makes sense, but it’s probably not as good as it sounds. RIM has already announced plans … Continue reading →

Samsung cites Kubrick’s “2001” as prior art vs. Apple’s iPad design

Aug. 23, ‘11: FOSS Patents has the story. Love it.

United Airlines buys 11,000 iPads for flight decks

Aug. 23, ‘11: Here’s United’s press release – another cool example of the iPad invading the enterprise. Beyond giving pilots access to new technology — and replacing about 38 pounds of paper books and charts in the cockpit — there’s also a side benefit … Continue reading →

Introducing SplatF’s advertising partner, SAY Media

Aug. 23, ‘11: Starting a successful website is as much about the business as the product. So I’m excited to be working with a new partner on the business side, SAY Media. Who’s that? Before becoming SAY Media last year, it was two … Continue reading →

Twitter improves photo sharing again with user photo galleries

Aug. 22, ‘11: Twitter now aggregates all of the photos you’ve shared across a bunch of different image hosts — including Twitter’s own photo service, Instagram, Twitpic, and Yfrog — into a single gallery on your profile page. Overall, pretty neat and useful. … Continue reading →

How Fox is encouraging piracy (and might not even care)

Aug. 22, ‘11: Ernesto at TorrentFreak reports: It’s been a week since Fox stopped offering free access to its TV-shows the day after they air on television. [...] Over the last week TorrentFreak tracked two Fox shows on BitTorrent to see if there … Continue reading →

Should Microsoft do a tablet joint venture with HP?

Aug. 22, ‘11: From Matt Rosoff’s “SURPRISE! The Next 10 Crazy Tech News Stories We Just Might See” at Business Insider: Microsoft already recognized that it couldn’t compete in smartphones without a deep relationship with a hardware partner, and paid Nokia at least … Continue reading →