Friday, August 12, 2011 at 10:49 am.

Sony also whacks Google TV prices

Logitech’s price cut on its Google TV box is still working — it’s currently the no. 9 best-selling electronics gadget on Amazon, ahead of Apple TV.

Sony, now, is slashing prices on its Google TV devices, too, in an effort to boost sales, according to streaming media analyst Dan Rayburn. If I weren’t holding out for an Apple television, I might consider buying one of these. (Note: Amazon affiliate links help support SplatF.)

The new prices:

  • 24-inch for $293 (down from $599 at launch)
  • 32-inch for $498 (down from $799 at launch)
  • 40-inch for $727 (down from $999 at launch)
  • 46-inch for $961 (down from $1399 at launch)

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