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Why the Kindle Fire is actually good for Google

Sep. 30, ‘11: One of the prevailing opinions about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is that it’s bad for Google. That is primarily because it’s taking some control of Android away from Google, further fragmenting the Android platform, and will probably do better … Continue reading →

SplatF Employee of the Month: Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

Sep. 30, ‘11: The last day of every month, we honor an industry leader with the prestigious SplatF Employee of the Month award. This month it’s Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings. Most leaders are too stubborn or scared to make drastic changes in order … Continue reading →

Why is Sergey Brin so good at Angry Birds?

Sep. 30, ‘11: Great find by Jason Kottke: So does Brin actually spend time obsessively playing Angry Birds to get those high scores (instead of, say, running Google or his other ventures) or has he written a program of some sort to produce … Continue reading →

Creators: Kristen Wentrcek

Sep. 30, ‘11: Kristen Wentrcek is the founder of Wintercheck Factory in Brooklyn. Kristen and her team think up cool products — furniture, clothing, shower curtains, you name it — design and make them, and sell them on their website. Help them grow … Continue reading →

10 things Apple must do in response to the Kindle Fire

Sep. 30, ‘11: Keep making the iPad awesome That’s about it, seriously. Sure, there may be some price tweaks someday, but that’s always been on the table. And if people decide they love 7-inch tablets more than 10-inch tablets, maybe someday Apple will … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire shoots to Amazon’s no. 1 best-selling gadget

Sep. 29, ‘11: No surprise, but Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet — available for pre-order — is already the company’s best-selling electronics gadget. The new $79 Kindle is no. 2, and various Kindle models actually make up the top 12 gadgets on Amazon … Continue reading →

Apple: No. 1 at a lot of things, but no. 84 at buying online advertising

Sep. 29, ‘11: Apple has done some of the best web ads I’ve ever seen, splashing its message across the WSJ, NYT, and ESPN homepages in glorious Flash animations. But it is not a particularly dominant online advertiser. According to comScore, Apple was … Continue reading →

5 takeaways from today’s Amazon Kindle event

Sep. 28, ‘11: Amazon is a fantastically interesting company. Sometimes, it is the first big company to a market, and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, it does great work, and sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s definitely not boring. The new Kindles are going to … Continue reading →

Amazon’s amazing Kindle growth chart

Sep. 28, ‘11: Here’s how quickly Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem has grown, via Jeff Bezos’ presentation this morning. Note the acceleration as the Kindle has gotten cheaper and as Kindle apps have become widespread. Also interesting: How physical book sales dropped after the dot-com … Continue reading →