Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 10:18 am.

Apple’s iAds are now Eddy Cue’s problem

Apple’s iTunes boss Eddy Cue has been promoted to senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, according to a memo from Apple CEO Tim Cook leaked to 9to5Mac.

Eddy oversees Apple’s industry-leading content stores including the iTunes Store, the revolutionary App Store and the iBookstore, as well as iAd and Apple’s innovative iCloud services.

This takes some pressure off Apple to hire a new advertising czar from outside the company. It also seems to de-emphasize iAds a bit as a company priority. Previously, Apple’s iAd boss Andy Miller had reported directly to Steve Jobs, before leaving the company last month.

But it doesn’t necessarily suggest that Apple is willing to act more like a media/advertising company, which has been one of the many problems with the iAd business since it launched last year. First let’s see if Apple even mentions iAds during its next new-product event. (I still think that Apple should just focus on distributing the iAd technology and serving ads, and not insist on selling 100% of the iAds out there.)

This appears to be Tim Cook’s first executive shuffle since officially becoming Apple CEO last week. I speculated on a few more last week.

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