Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 9:45 pm.

Sony designs a tablet for entertainment content… without any entertainment content

Walt Mossberg, reviewing Sony’s new Tablet S:

Unlike Apple, which takes a broader view of the tablet’s potential, Sony sees its tablet as primarily an entertainment-consumption device.


Sony also is bundling services for buying music, TV shows and movies, e-books and games to create a content ecosystem like Apple’s. Unfortunately, these weren’t available for me to test.

Serious question about Android tablets: Besides whatever tablet-optimized video apps exist (are there any?) and YouTube, how are you supposed to get Hollywood movies and TV shows on these things? BitTorrent + SD card?

This is where Apple’s iTunes ecosystem shines on any new device from day one… and why Amazon may prove to be Apple’s strongest competitor.

Update: A few readers point me to the movies section of Android Market, where Google has what appears to be a decent selection of movies to rent. (Including 12 of the iTunes top 25.) No TV shows, though.

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