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Reminder: Samsung event in NYC tonight, new gadgets and free drinks

Sep. 26, ‘11: Thanks again to Samsung Mobile for sponsoring SplatF this week. As a reminder, Samsung is throwing an event tonight (21+) during Monday Night Football at Tonic Times Square in New York City, featuring free food and drinks, demos of new Samsung … Continue reading →

More Moneyball for tech startups

Sep. 26, ‘11: There has been some excellent discussion around my “Moneyball for tech startups” post since Friday night: The most common response was to point me to a firm called Correlation Ventures. They seem to be as close to a Moneyball VC … Continue reading →

Why Dish Network’s new Blockbuster streaming package is no threat to Netflix

Sep. 24, ‘11: One big reason: Because it’s only for Dish Network subscribers. And based on this chart, that’s not something Netflix should be worrying about — most people aren’t Dish subscribers, and Netflix is growing much faster. (Also, who has any warm … Continue reading →

Moneyball for tech startups

Sep. 23, ‘11: Moneyball, the film based on Michael Lewis’s excellent book about the business of baseball, opens this weekend. If you haven’t read the book or seen the trailer, the basic idea is: Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane — played in … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] Join Samsung for a sneak peek at new gadgets and free drinks in NYC next Monday

Sep. 23, ‘11: Samsung Mobile will be giving consumers a sneak peak at upcoming products on Sept. 26 in New York. On Monday, Samsung Mobile will be announcing additions to their Galaxy portfolio, highlighted by the slim, sleek and portable Galaxy Tab 8.9. To … Continue reading →

What should Apple do with the iPod?

Sep. 22, ‘11: Apple’s iPod turns 10 years old next month. Steve Jobs first introduced it on Oct. 23, 2001, and it went on sale a few weeks later. After a fairly slow start, the iPod eventually became Apple’s main growth driver, helped … Continue reading →

5 questions for Meg Whitman, HP’s new CEO

Sep. 22, ‘11: Will you still try to spin off or sell HP’s market-leading PC business? Will you still try to shut down or sell the WebOS hardware business? Will you try to make HP a leader in tablet and smartphone software? Will … Continue reading →

Facebook’s revamped OS-in-the-cloud is bad news for Microsoft and good news for Apple

Sep. 22, ‘11: I’m not going to trouble you with a long list of Facebook’s announcements at its f8 conference today: Techmeme is your best bet for that. But in general, the trend seems to be toward making Facebook the connective tissue between … Continue reading →

Netflix is now open to considering selling video-on-demand

Sep. 21, ‘11: Netflix, you’ve likely heard, is splitting off its DVD subscription service, which has a good selection of newer releases, from its streaming subscription service, which doesn’t. One option for Netflix to add more newer releases to its streaming library — and … Continue reading →

Microsoft needs a new business model for Windows 8 tablets

Sep. 21, ‘11: Microsoft’s Windows division is still a monster: Over the past year, it has generated $12 billion of operating income on $19 billion of revenue. A big part of that is because of Microsoft’s continued dominance of the PC operating system … Continue reading →