Friday, September 16, 2011 at 2:38 pm.

The creative naming habits of big web portals

Google is working on a Flipboard clone called “Propeller.” This is yet another example of a product from one of the big web portals having the same name as a product from another big web portal.

Kind of a surprise, given how creatively named “Google” and “Yahoo” seemed in the first place. But not really, given how uncreative the portals tend to be these days.¬†Here’s a short matrix, which I’ll update as new offenses are committed.

  AOL Facebook Google Yahoo
Buzz Kind of a Twitter or Facebook clone, launched Feb. 2010 Kind of a Digg clone, launched Feb. 2008
Places Kind of a Foursquare clone, launched Aug. 2010 Kind of a Yelp clone, launched Apr. 2010
Play Music app for mobile, launched Mar. 2011 Kind of an iTunes clone, launched Mar. 2012 Music app for mobile, launched Jun. 2011
Propeller Kind of a Digg clone, launched Jun. 2006 as “Netscape,” renamed in 2007 Kind of a Flipboard clone, launching 2011

Also: The most impressive thing about Yahoo is that it still exists