Friday, September 16, 2011 at 4:42 pm.

The Weekender

Check out this neat new service from New York’s MTA to help highlight the massive service interruptions that the NYC Subway deals with every weekend. The design is a riff on the old, famous, 1970s-era map by Massimo Vignelli. (More from the New York Times.)

As a transit customer, this is a better service than the previous one, which listed service outages without a map.

But here’s one option I’d like to see: A map that’s redrawn each weekend for what Subway service will actually look like. If a line isn’t running, don’t draw it. (It’s using flashing dots to convey this, instead.) Or if it’s running on a different track, draw the map differently to reflect it. That said, I could see how this might also confuse people.

(Another next step, while I’m writing about it: Getting weekend service changes loaded into Google’s transit directions. They’re great, but frequently useless on the weekend.)

The Weekender