Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 10:23 pm.

Meanwhile, RIM was having a developer conference today…

The NYT’s Nick Bilton contrasts RIM’s conference in San Francisco with the Web 2.0 Summit across town:

RIM’s show for app developers for the BlackBerry and PlayBook couldn’t have been more different: noiseless and almost depressing, like a group of children who had been left at the mall by their parents, discussing how to get home.


RIM used the event to show off BBX, a new operating system for the BlackBerry, based on QNX, the software that powers the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

It’s hard to get excited about anything BlackBerry-related, but we’ll apparently see next year what the new devices are like and whether carriers will put much muscle behind them.

The worry is that, like Palm OS and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile before it, people will leave the platform before its next generation comes along.

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