Friday, October 28, 2011 at 1:24 pm.

EA’s smartphone gaming business growing fast, but still pretty small

EA revenue chart Q2 2012Electronic Arts has been one of the top game makers for Apple’s iOS platform, and as a result, it said smartphone revenue (non-GAAP) grew 87% year-over-year last quarter (PDF).

But overall mobile gaming revenue grew just 12% year-over-year, as smartphone gains were countered by its shrinking — but still alive — dumbphone gaming business.

It’s also interesting how small mobile still is, in terms of EA’s overall business: Mobile revenue totaled $55 million last quarter, just 8% of EA’s total GAAP revenue and 5% of its non-GAAP revenue. For comparison, console gaming is still more than 7X the size of EA’s mobile business, and even growing a little faster.

EA revenue chart Q2 2012


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