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Netflix’s plan to kill the DVD is working

Oct. 24, ‘11: Things are unquestionably messy for Netflix right now. It is losing subscribers. It is still in clean-up mode after a PR disaster. Its stock price is getting hammered. Is is making an expensive bet to grow overseas. But despite all … Continue reading →

Netflix loses 800k subscribers and another 20% in stock price

Oct. 24, ‘11: Netflix’s nightmare Q3 is in the books. And shares are getting hammered after-hours — down more than 20% — as the company says it expects to lose more U.S. streaming subscribers next quarter because of its price increases and DVD split-up. … Continue reading →

Here’s how Apple could finally put the “TV” in Apple TV

Oct. 24, ‘11: After reinventing the mobile phone (iPhone) and personal computer (iPad), it makes sense for Apple to eventually apply its magic to the living room. The company has been clear to distance itself a bit from the existing Apple TV box … Continue reading →

Creators: Zach Zamboni

Oct. 24, ‘11: Sponsored by Best Buy. Start Creating Now. Zach Zamboni is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer for my favorite show: “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” on Travel Channel. Follow him on Twitter at @zachzamboni. 1) What have you been making lately? Wrapped a new … Continue reading →

Correction of the year?

Oct. 24, ‘11: The New York Times has updated an article about the Steve Jobs biography: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the premise of “Angry Birds,” a popular iPhone game. In the game, slingshots are used to launch birds to … Continue reading →

The Steve Jobs celebration that even Steve would have loved

Oct. 24, ‘11: Apple held a company-wide celebration of Steve Jobs’ life last week on campus, and posted the video yesterday. It was basically perfect. But the best part, I think, was Jony Ive’s speech near the end — a deep reflection and … Continue reading →

Here’s what actually matters about Groupon (and what doesn’t)

Oct. 21, ‘11: Cue the knives and daggers! Groupon is proceeding with its IPO process, and will reportedly conduct its big road show next week. You can watch CEO Andrew Mason pitch the company to potential investors in this amusingly serious video here. … Continue reading →

Holy cow, the Steve Jobs bio is going to be epic

Oct. 21, ‘11: I am trying not to spoil the book — which comes out next week — by reading too many of the promotional and leaked excerpts. But it looks like it’s going to be great — that Steve wasn’t holding back … Continue reading →

Apple’s future, as predicted 15 years ago

Oct. 20, ‘11: Trying to make predictions about the technology industry more than a few years out is a crapshoot. Things change, things stay the same, design breakthroughs mess up everyone’s plans, good products fail, and seemingly lame ideas prosper. Five years ago, … Continue reading →

Will the tablet market really grow bigger than the PC market?

Oct. 19, ‘11: Apple CEO Tim Cook made an interesting prediction yesterday on the company’s earnings call: That the tablet market will eventually be larger than the PC market. Here’s what Tim said, via Seeking Alpha’s transcript: We thought… from the beginning of … Continue reading →