Monday, October 24, 2011 at 12:04 pm.

Creators: Zach Zamboni

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Zach Zamboni is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer for my favorite show: “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” on Travel Channel. Follow him on Twitter at @zachzamboni.

1) What have you been making lately?

Wrapped a new series for Anthony Bourdain called The Layover, which premieres in November. It’s a high octane, mad dash around the world, intense even by our standards, which are pretty intense. We just started the latest season of No Reservations in Mozambique which was a real beauty. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying having a cup of coffee at home.

2) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for work?

Ah, Sony F3. Moderately priced video camera with a 35mm sized chip and PL mount. It’s the sort of of thing camera people have been waiting a long time for. It’s the fastest video camera I’ve ever seen which makes a big difference in documentary. Panavision lenses were a very nice addition.

3) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for fun?

Hmmm fun. Suunto Ventus wristwatch. I bought it for sailing as it has an easy to read barometric pressure history on the face. In both work and leisure I spend a lot of time outdoors and need to have an awareness of weather. It can get pretty intense on the nerd-scale but I think it’s fascinating. Massive weather systems building and dissipating, traveling from one side of the planet to the other, constantly changing around us. Plus, I’m always literally checking the amount of pressure on me, which is pretty funny for a creative type.

4) What’s something great you’ve read lately?

Oh man, that’s tough. I read constantly and never just one thing. Great… I think something great would happen if one reads, The Essays of Montaigne by Michel Montaigne, The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav, The M-18 Universal Diesel Engine Manual, and some poetry by Li Po, all at the same time. I like cross-pollination.

5) Who should I interview for this series?

Michio Kaku. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t get you thinking about something unexpected.

The Creators series highlights my favorite creative-types and the tools they use for work and fun. Previously: Phil Oh, fashion and style photographer.