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SplatF Employee of the Month: Kermit the Frog

Nov. 30, ‘11: At the end of every month, SplatF honors an industry leader with the prestigious Employee of the Month award. This month it’s Kermit the Frog, star of Disney’s fantastic “The Muppets” movie. In an otherwise dull month for tech and media news, Kermit led … Continue reading →

Path and Instagram are making Facebook look incredibly uninventive at mobile

Nov. 30, ‘11: As the “mobile Internet” becomes the Internet, one big question about Facebook is: Will it remain the dominant mobile social network, or will it be replaced by a mobile-first or mobile-only social network? Size is on Facebook’s side. The company … Continue reading →

Path 2.0: The social app Apple might build if Apple knew how to build social apps

Nov. 30, ‘11: It has been hard for me to get very excited about Path, because none of my friends or family use it. (Sorry, tech industry pals. This app is supposed to be about more intimate photo- and life-sharing, and I definitely … Continue reading →

Apple’s real iPad opportunity: Putting iPads where there weren’t PCs before

Nov. 29, ‘11: For many people, Apple’s iPad is a suitable PC replacement, and Apple is likely to see millions of iPad sales as PC substitutes. But Apple’s real opportunity — and probably why Apple thinks that the tablet market will eventually become … Continue reading →

Smart! RIM will help enterprise customers manage their iPhones and Androids, too

Nov. 29, ‘11: Here’s RIM’s press release, announcing a new “BlackBerry Mobile Fusion” service. This seems to be RIM’s admission that it’s losing enterprise phone sales to the iPhone and Android — an undeniable truth. (Especially when it comes to employee-owned devices being … Continue reading →

3 things your startup can learn from the American Airlines bankruptcy

Nov. 29, ‘11: American Airlines parent company AMR filed for Chapter 11 today, to restructure, cut costs, and ideally, to return to profitability. Here’s what I took away with it, when thinking about applying it to the tech world. Your cost structure is … Continue reading →

Creators: Franz Nicolay

Nov. 23, ‘11: Franz Nicolay is a Brooklyn-based singer, musician, and composer, and former keyboardist for The Hold Steady. (He — and they — are among my all-time favorites.) His latest album, “Luck and Courage”, is available on iTunes and at Amazon. Follow … Continue reading →

What the cable industry could learn from Twitter

Nov. 22, ‘11: Something awesome happened last weekend: I downloaded an iPhone app — BTN2Go from the Big Ten Network — logged in with my Time Warner Cable credentials, and a few seconds later, was streaming a live football game on my phone. … Continue reading →

Is the Facebook phone too late to matter?

Nov. 21, ‘11: Facebook still reportedly plans to launch a phone — but maybe not for another year. Here’s Liz Gannes and Ina Fried, reporting for All Things D: Code-named “Buffy,” after the television vampire slayer, the phone is planned to run on a … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire purchase intent already at one-third the iPad’s level

Nov. 21, ‘11: When people think about buying a tablet, Apple’s iPad is (obviously) still their first pick. But it’s impressive how many people are aware of — and are considering — Amazon’s newish Kindle Fire tablet. According to ChangeWave survey results, for … Continue reading →