Friday, November 4, 2011 at 1:26 pm.

Creators: Adam Lisagor

Adam LisagorAdam Lisagor is founder of Sandwich Video, a video production shop in Los Angeles. He’s made product demos for companies like Airbnb, Jawbone, Square, and Groupon. You may also recognize him from Twitter, where he’s @lonelysandwich, his blog, or the You Look Nice Today podcast.

1) What have you been making lately?

I’ve been churning out these fun product demos that I do through my company, Sandwich Video at a pretty rapid clip. Far more rapid than I would have thought was sustainable a year ago. And to be honest, isn’t sustainable for much longer, which is why I’m sort of working on rethinking my process a bit. A couple nights ago, I wrapped a three-day shoot at 4 in the morning in a warehouse in downtown LA with a big crane and a concept that I’m blessed to have been allowed to carry out for a client. I’m having a lot of fun doing what I’m doing and I have no intention of stopping.

2) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for work?

I think I’m going to have to say it’s my 11″ MacBook Air. I upgraded from the previous model, because it’s so much of a part of my work life that I wanted to keep it fresh. Of course, for the heavy lifting I do in post-production, I’m tied to my Mac Pro, but for any of the heavy thinking, I’m just in love with the notion of using the Air as a shell for all my crucial data, relying on Lion working with Dropbox, iOS 5 and iCloud to make a real advance towards the cloud-based computing that Steve [Jobs] foretold way back before he rejoined Apple. It’s a bit of a conceptual hurdle to those of us who grew up daisy-chaining Firewire drives or lugging around Zip disks, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. One instance, many screens. It’s still an early phase of a whole new way of thinking about computing. I feel like the word “computer” is not going to be in the lexicon much longer, and that’s pretty exciting.

3) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for fun?

Siri. She is changing things on so many levels I think the only way to handle it is to roll with it and learn to integrate it without making big deal about it. I think that voice is the next touch. Voice is like post-touch in the way that touch was post-mouse and mouse was post-command line. And when you extrapolate that a little further, there’s a whole lot of interesting work for us to do to get to whatever’s post-voice and then post-that.

4) What’s something great you’ve read lately?

When Steve left us, I saw some of the best writing from so many of my friends and so many strangers—truly heartfelt, emotionally true and poetic writing that I never knew we as a community were capable of. My favorite of these was from a guy who we all knew could write anyway, John Gruber, but even what he wrote about Steve was so simple and pure and perfect that it brings tears to my eyes even thinking about those grass stains.

5) Who should I interview for this series?

I’m going to nominate my friend, the New York-based designer David Cole. He did my company’s website recently and I already knew from his previous work that his taste is absolutely impeccable. And to top that off, he’s a genuinely good human. He gives back in so many ways. He’s an educator. He’s charitable (check out the site he and his equally talented partner Tag just whipped up for Amit Gupta to raise awareness for Amit’s cause). He’s smart, he’s thoughtful, he feels things and he knows how communicate how he works and what’s behind his choices. Get David on.

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