Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 10:40 am.

How Bloomberg saved Businessweek

Richard Branson on BusinessweekNice piece by Dylan Byers at AdWeek about how Bloomberg has reinvented Businessweek under editor Josh Tyrangiel and creative director Richard Turley.

But how’s it doing? Ad pages are up 20% year-over-year, subscriptions are up 12%, and the magazine is only losing about $20-30 million a year, down from $60 million. (Bloomberg, of course, can afford to lose money on magazines, as it does on TV — its profits come from renting Bloomberg terminals to financial pros.)

I never cared for the old Businessweek, especially when I was a reporter at (rival) Forbes from 2005-2007. But the new Businessweek has become one of the few magazines I read regularly, and the only one I subscribe to on my iPad. It’s really good, and I’m happy to see it’s doing better.

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