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Creators: Khoi Vinh

Nov. 10, ‘11: Khoi Vinh is co-founder of Lascaux Co., whose first app, Mixel for iPad, launched today. (It looks great!) Previously, he was design director for Follow him on Twitter at @khoi or check out his blog, Subtraction. 1) What have you been … Continue reading →

How does Sony make money? Life insurance!

Nov. 10, ‘11: Sony’s consumer electronics business — led by TVs, videogames, and computers — still generates about half of the company’s sales. But Sony’s profits these days come from what may seem like an unexpected source: Its financial services business, which includes … Continue reading →

Actually, Apple’s Siri is only a small threat to Google

Nov. 10, ‘11: Siri may well be Apple’s entry into the search industry, and some Siri functions may indeed disintermediate Google in mobile search queries. But that shouldn’t have a large impact on Google’s business. It’s not really a “serious threat,” as Fortune … Continue reading →

The dumbest thing I’ve ever written about Flash

Nov. 9, ‘11: From the they-can’t-all-be-winners department, writing for Silicon Alley Insider on Dec. 13, 2007: How Palm Can Beat Apple’s iPhone: The Flash Phone [...] If Palm wants to make a real splash and compete with Apple, it needs to go after the … Continue reading →

The rise and decline of Sony: A 20-year view

Nov. 9, ‘11: Sony lost $350 million last quarter on more than $20 billion of sales, and warned last week that full-year losses would total more than $1 billion — its fourth straight year of losses. Sony blamed last quarter’s sales decline on … Continue reading →

What the end of Flash means for Adobe

Nov. 9, ‘11: Adobe announced yesterday that it would stop developing Flash plugins for mobile browsers, which ultimately signals the end of Flash. Adobe’s specific phrase in its release was: “Focusing Flash resources on delivering the most advanced PC web experiences, including gaming … Continue reading →

Facebook acquires HTML5 “app delivery network” Strobe

Nov. 8, ‘11: Here’s Strobe CEO Charles Jolley, who previously headed up MobileMe app development at Apple: Strobe was founded on the belief that HTML5 can transform the way average people use their mobile phones through apps that are available everywhere, anytime, on … Continue reading →

Apple launches iPhone-app self checkout at retail stores

Nov. 8, ‘11: As MacRumors’ Eric Slivka explains, you can now use your iPhone (and the updated Apple Store app) to scan the barcodes of shelf-stocked items, pay with the credit card hooked into your iTunes account, and walk out of the store. … Continue reading →

How Bloomberg saved Businessweek

Nov. 8, ‘11: Nice piece by Dylan Byers at AdWeek about how Bloomberg has reinvented Businessweek under editor Josh Tyrangiel and creative director Richard Turley. But how’s it doing? Ad pages are up 20% year-over-year, subscriptions are up 12%, and the magazine is … Continue reading →

The most impressive thing about the Nook Tablet is that it exists

Nov. 7, ‘11: Barnes & Noble announced its latest Nook e-readers today, including the Nook Tablet. For details, check out Peter Kafka’s liveblog at All Things D or extensive coverage at The Verge, including a handy tablet comparison chart. The Nook Tablet is basically a … Continue reading →