Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 1:23 am.

Path 2.0: The social app Apple might build if Apple knew how to build social apps

It has been hard for me to get very excited about Path, because none of my friends or family use it. (Sorry, tech industry pals. This app is supposed to be about more intimate photo- and life-sharing, and I definitely don’t want that from most of you.)

But I just checked out the new version, which has been getting some amazing press tonight. And, indeed, it’s very good looking. In terms of design, finish, and personality, it’s the sort of app that feels like Apple made it. Even if the logo still looks a little like the Phillies’.

Perhaps this is even the sort of thing that Apple might eventually want to acquire (or copy) and use as the basis for its own social network, if it ever decides to take Facebook on in any serious capacity. It could already serve as a sort-of more interesting version of the iOS Photo Stream. And, ha ha, remember Ping?

Either way, Path needs some more traction. Let’s see how much the new version — and all the attention it’s getting today — helps.

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