Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 11:46 am.

Smart! RIM will help enterprise customers manage their iPhones and Androids, too

Here’s RIM’s press release, announcing a new “BlackBerry Mobile Fusion” service.

This seems to be RIM’s admission that it’s losing enterprise phone sales to the iPhone and Android — an undeniable truth. (Especially when it comes to employee-owned devices being brought into the enterprise.)

But it’s smart, because that’s reality.

RIM can try to compete for device sales by making better devices in the future. But it might as well try to hold on to its valuable enterprise customers by helping them manage their entire mobile infrastructure — including rival devices — instead of losing that business to someone else, too.

(Of course, RIM will actually have to make this a competitive and high-quality service, or it won’t help. But it’s a good start that they’re at least trying.)

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