Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 4:53 pm.

The new gadget spec sheet

Kindle Fire T-SquareGadget specs! That’s apparently the hot topic this week.

In an era of software and cloud services, do lengthy comparison matrices full of hardware stats actually matter anymore when making a purchase? Or do people want to buy stuff because of the way it makes them feel?

The reality probably lies somewhere in the middle.

But even if the spec sheet fades, I don’t want to lose tables. So here is the new spec sheet for what really matters about two gadgets I’ve never owned.

  Kindle Fire iPad 2
How much does it cost? Impulse purchase that s— right now. Why not, that’s enough miles for 1/50th of a free plane ticket.
Will it make your friends jealous? For the next 2 weeks, or if they just bought a Nook Color. Maybe, unless they know about the secret iPad 3 coming out in a few months.
Does it arouse you? If your dream date is a trip to Panera Bread. If your dream vacation is a visit to Jony Ive’s factory.
Will someone steal it from you? Only if they can figure out it’s not a BlackBerry PlayBook. Don’t sit too close to the doors on the subway.

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