Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 9:49 am.

Survey says: iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate their batteries

Market research firm ChangeWave published these charts this morning, showing survey results of what 219 iPhone 4S owners like and dislike the most about their phones.

Not surprisingly, Siri — the iPhone’s charming new personal assistant tool — is the most popular feature. Apple will probably be happy to see that its legacy “ease of use” is still the second most popular feature. iCloud, a mixed bag, is down between “screen resolution” and “third party applications.”

iPhone 4S dislikes

Meanwhile, people wish the battery life was longer and that the iPhone 4S had 4G capability. Perhaps they don’t realize that one major reason the iPhone 4S doesn’t have 4G is to maintain its existing battery life? (Also, this survey was taken from Nov. 2-9, before Apple released an update designed to fix some iOS 5 battery issues.)

“Screen size” is a distant third place, suggesting that Apple might want to study larger iPhones, but probably doesn’t have to sell one.

Standard disclaimer: This is just one set of data from one source. But nothing looks particularly out of place here. Except, perhaps, for the 6% of people who want handwriting recognition on the iPhone… and, let me guess, a stylus too?

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