Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 10:15 am.

Creators: Erica Domesek

Erica DomesekErica Domesek is founder of P.S.- I Made This…, a DIY media and commerce startup. (Her slogan: “I see it. I like it. I make it.”) You can buy her book on Amazon or follow her on Twitter at @psimadethis.

1) What have you been making lately?

Today I made yarn cuff bracelets with Martha Stewart, so that was awesome! Every day is a wonderful adventure.

We also launched our DIY Kits with C.Wonder for the holidays: Wine bag, cocktail kit, and stationery kits!

2) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for work?

Aside from taking tons of photos to tweet and post — PS- I’m obsessed with Instagram and Camera+ apps — I love my new Swiss Army 64GB portable flash drive. It’s super slim, bright pink, and it fits on my key chain.

3) What’s your favorite and/or newest tool that you use for fun?

It’s not really new, but I have a secret obsession with Solitaire. My nerdy side is showing through. I will use my iPad and log into the GameCenter to play strangers at 2 a.m.! I just broke my Urbanear buds and am on the hunt for a cool pair of new headphones.

4) What’s something great you’ve read lately?

A fantastic piece Mashable did about Tory Burch. It’s all about how digital marketing fueled their global expansion. A must read for anyone in fashion, social media, marketing, entrepreneurs, basically… everyone should read this.

5) Who should I interview for this series?

Ask my friend Elizabeth Weil aka @Elizabeth. She’s uber crafty, loves social media (works at Twitter), and is one of the sharpest ladies I know. Her insight from the venture capital world to crafting always blows me away.  She has an amazing business-marketing-social community and crafting mind, which is rare. I guess that’s why we click, and we also share a love for amazing food and wine!

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