Friday, December 16, 2011 at 4:45 pm.

Actually, iPhone users tend to be richer and better educated than Android users

I’m not sure where this fits into M.G. Siegler and Joshua Topolsky‘s “class warfare” argument about Apple’s iPhone and Google Android, but here’s some interesting data from the fine folks at comScore.

iPhone subscribers in the U.S. say they belong to higher income brackets, on average, than Android subscribers, according to comScore survey data. And they are more likely, on average, to have a bachelors degree or graduate degree than Android subscribers.

First, the obvious caveats: These are self-reported survey results from one source, and should be taken with the appropriate skepticism. They represent U.S. mobile subscribers ages 13+ over a three-month average ending this October.

And because Android is more popular than the iPhone — that is, it has more users overall — it makes sense that it would represent a more mainstream, average person than the iPhone. For what it’s worth, because the overall Android numbers are bigger, there are more actual Android subscribers with bachelors degrees than iPhone users, and about the same number of subscribers with graduate degrees.

And, lastly, I have no idea how income level and education level correlate to the taste for OS quality that Siegler and Topolsky are bickering about. (Nor which platform has better-looking users.)

But, interesting, no?

iPhone Android demographics

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