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My new job at ReadWriteWeb, and what it means for SplatF

Dec. 14, ‘11: If you follow me on Twitter, or follow tech news in general, you may have seen the announcement this morning that I’ll be joining ReadWriteWeb as Editor At Large starting in January. SAY Media, my business-side partner for SplatF, just … Continue reading →

Louis C.K.’s big video experiment: $500k in sales, $200k in profits, and counting

Dec. 13, ‘11: Comedian Louis C.K. just published a lengthy, detailed post about how his bold experiment in self-distributing his own comedy special is going. Quick answer: So far, so good. As of Today, we’ve sold over 110,000 copies for a total of … Continue reading →

Tweetbot rides the NewNewTwitter wave

Dec. 13, ‘11: For a strong take on what people don’t like about the new Twitter iPhone app, read John Gruber’s article, “R.I.P. Tweetie.” And then, you might want to check out Tweetbot, which seems to be the unofficial-Twitter-app-of-choice on the iPhone these … Continue reading →

A look at the Mac App Store, 100 million downloads later

Dec. 13, ‘11: Apple announced yesterday that in less than a year, Mac users have downloaded 100 million apps from the Mac App Store. With around 60 million Macs out there, that suggests the average Mac user has downloaded at least one app, … Continue reading →

Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Microsoft

Dec. 13, ‘11: Microsoft’s latest push, you may have seen, is to make the Xbox 360 more useful as a video streaming device, not just as a game console. Today, they just rolled out another bunch of video apps, including YouTube and a … Continue reading →

Apple hasn’t given up on iAds

Dec. 13, ‘11: It’s been a long time since Apple said anything in public about its iAd mobile advertising product, but things are still apparently moving along behind the scenes. The WSJ’s Emily Steel and Jessica Vascellaro report that Apple has been tweaking … Continue reading →

Grand Central Apple Store is open: Here’s what it’s like

Dec. 9, ‘11: I missed Apple’s new retail store opening this morning in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, but my friend Steve Weintraub files this report and these photos. Thanks! I’ve never been to an Apple Store event. Although I am certainly a … Continue reading →

The new, new Twitter: 10 big takeaways

Dec. 8, ‘11: Twitter launched a major new version of its service today with many components: A significant redesign; a more common user experience between Twitter-the-website and its various apps; more features for brands; and new versions of TweetDeck for the web, Mac, … Continue reading →

Why Google is bending to Verizon over Google Wallet

Dec. 8, ‘11: Google has complied, so far, with Verizon Wireless’s request to withhold the Google Wallet mobile payments service from the new Galaxy Nexus phone. Why? Because¬†Verizon is a very important partner for Google: Its biggest Android customer in the country and … Continue reading →

Creators: Erica Domesek

Dec. 8, ‘11: Erica Domesek is founder of P.S.- I Made This…, a DIY media and commerce startup. (Her slogan: “I see it. I like it. I make it.”) You can buy her book on Amazon or follow her on Twitter at @psimadethis. … Continue reading →