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Network effect! Path cracks the iPhone App Store top 25

Dec. 8, ‘11: Mobile social network Path‘s great reviews – and likely its network effects — are kicking in. With its latest push, Path 2.0 has cracked the top 25 free apps on Apple’s iPhone App Store: It’s currently no. 23, up from no. … Continue reading →

Is Verizon even allowed to discriminate against NFC apps like Google Wallet?

Dec. 7, ‘11: Verizon Wireless has been careful to point out that it is not technically blocking the Google Wallet app/service from the new Galaxy Nexus phone, and that it is still negotiating with Google. Google, too, has not used the “blocked” word … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The future of TV begins now on Xbox 360

Dec. 7, ‘11: Today, Microsoft has taken a major step forward with the release of a free Xbox 360 system update that will change how you search for, discover and enjoy content on the TV, including the first group of new, custom applications … Continue reading →

Isn’t it ironic: Google Wallet “closed” on the airwaves Google lobbied the FCC to keep “open”

Dec. 6, ‘11: About four years ago, Google was in activist mode, campaigning the FCC to force our wireless airwaves “open”, serving consumers’ interests above those of wireless operators. Google called for rules like: “Open applications: Consumers should be able to download and utilize any … Continue reading →

And now a reminder of how tough the App Store slog really is

Dec. 3, ‘11: A few days ago, San Francisco-based startup Path released a major new update to its app, generating some of the best tech press I’ve ever seen. (Deservingly so. The new app is beautiful.) Since then, my Twitter stream — tech … Continue reading →

Facebook hires a mobile design team in Gowalla

Dec. 2, ‘11: Facebook has hired several Gowalla employees, and its team will reportedly work on Facebook’s Timeline feature. Perhaps that’s the case, but Gowalla is best known as being a talented mobile app design team, and Facebook needs help there. So I wouldn’t … Continue reading →

RIM’s unsold PlayBook inventory: Probably 1+ million units

Dec. 2, ‘11: Among other bad news, BlackBerry maker RIM announced today that it would take a $485 million write-down for its November quarter because it has too many unsold PlayBook tablets in inventory. How many? Probably about 1.4 million, Morgan Stanley analyst … Continue reading →

Want to buy an e-reader?

Dec. 2, ‘11: Read Marco Arment’s extensive review of the Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Touch, and the Kindle 4 first. (And if you end up deciding you want to buy a Kindle Touch, Kindle 4, or Kindle Fire, you can support SplatF … Continue reading →

While AT&T fights for T-Mobile, Verizon teams up with the cable industry

Dec. 2, ‘11: A huge new alliance in wireless and telecom just happened — this time, without the messiness of a merger: Verizon is getting in bed with the cable industry. (Here’s the official announcement. And here’s Peter Kafka’s smart take: Comcast and Verizon merge … Continue reading →

10 steps to better blogging

Dec. 1, ‘11: Almost 5 months into writing SplatF, I’m starting to type up some new ideas — mostly for myself, but also for folks like my ad partners — of where I’d like to take the site and what I’d like to … Continue reading →