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Amazon Kindle sales almost triple to ???

Jan. 31, ‘12: As expected, Amazon didn’t reveal how many Kindle Fires it sold last quarter in today’s earnings report. But it did say that Kindle unit sales grew 177% year-over-year during the 9 weeks ending Dec. 31, 2011. That’s better than Apple’s … Continue reading →

iAd Will Have A New-Look Sales Team: Two More Quattro Guys Leave Apple

Jan. 31, ‘12: As Apple’s new iAd lead — ex-Adobe exec Todd Teresi — reshapes his organization, two more ex-Quattro Wireless execs are leaving the company, sources say. (Apple bought Quattro two years ago to jump-start its iAd advertising division.) Steven Rosenblatt (pictured left), who … Continue reading →

Apple hires U.K.’s Dixons CEO John Browett as SVP of Retail

Jan. 31, ‘12: “Our retail stores are all about customer service, and John shares that commitment like no one else we’ve met,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Dixons is basically the U.K. equivalent of Best Buy. (I’m not 100% sure, but I think … Continue reading →

Ron Johnson talks to the AP

Jan. 30, ‘12: Some interesting stuff, though nothing earth-shattering, from the JC Penney CEO, previously Apple’s retail boss. Though — attention to detail! — he did get the iPad launch year wrong: It was 2010, not 2009. Perhaps he’s not used to be … Continue reading →

How Hollywood is inadvertently helping Netflix kill the DVD

Jan. 30, ‘12: In this case, it’s worth it for Netflix to play along with ridiculous rules like “no new Warner Bros. releases in your queue for 28 days.” As I explain at ReadWriteWeb: …Because Netflix actually has the same goal that the studios do: … Continue reading →

Today’s downtime

Jan. 29, ‘12: SplatF was down for more than 12 hours today, thanks to a massive, undisclosed problem with Dreamhost, my host. This sort of outage is unprecedented in my many years working with Dreamhost. But because of its duration — and Dreamhost’s … Continue reading →

Why does the next Xbox need discs at all?

Jan. 26, ‘12: If this is the App Store era, why add Blu-ray to the next Xbox? If true, my guesses are: Bandwidth, storage, and movies, in that order.

The Juicebox: A secure, public phone charging station that doesn’t look like crap

Jan. 25, ‘12: From its FAQ: How does it fit with my venue’s decor? We’re former bartenders from some of Manhattan’s most upscale bars and restaurants, so we designed the Juicebox to be elegant and compact. At just over 2 1/2 feet tall … Continue reading →

Can Apple beat $80 billion this Christmas?

Jan. 24, ‘12: Over at ReadWriteWeb, I take a look at Apple’s incredible, accelerating growth rate. This past Christmas, Apple needed to add an extra $20 billion in new sales to grow by 73%. The year before, it “only” needed to generate an … Continue reading →

Apple’s Monster Quarter In Charts

Jan. 24, ‘12: Apple’s just-reported December quarter was so huge that I had to change the scale on almost every chart below. Expectations coming in were high, but Apple beat them anyway, shipping 37 million iPhones — almost as many as it shipped … Continue reading →