Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 6:02 pm.

Apple’s Monster Quarter In Charts

Apple’s just-reported December quarter was so huge that I had to change the scale on almost every chart below.

Expectations coming in were high, but Apple beat them anyway, shipping 37 million iPhones — almost as many as it shipped in all of 2010. Mac and iPad shipments both set new records: Mac sales passed 5 million for the first time, and iPad shipments passed 15 million.

With $13 billion in profit during the quarter and now almost $100 billion in the bank, Apple is truly operating on another level. And the fact that it grew December quarter revenue faster this past year (73% year-over-year) than it did the year before (71%) – despite being so much bigger already — is pretty amazing.

Apple December 2011 Earnings Chart

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