Monday, January 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm.

Welcome to SplatF 2.0!

SplatF 2.0After a week in the lab, I’m happy to release the first significant revision to SplatF’s design and feature set since it launched six months ago.

The big changes should last a year, I hope, and will help me make SplatF the site I want it to become. Specifically…

  • New, short “link posts” — the orange things you’ll be seeing — link out directly from the homepage. These will make it easier for me to post quick links and commentary more frequently. And, ideally, they will help SplatF become a bigger referrer of traffic, which is one of my main goals for the site.
  • Comments! I am bored with just hearing myself talk and want to build SplatF into a smart, entertaining community. (Contrarian!) For now, comments will be tightly moderated to maintain quality, so make your audition a good one. Please read the SplatF Commenting Guide for details.
  • New designs for the Creators series and featured Charts pages. These are two of the best and most popular pages on SplatF, and I wanted to make them look nicer and better showcase their contents. I think I’m on the way.
  • Search and a new Archives page. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.
  • An updated logo and color scheme. Simpler, brighter, and happier. Still subject to tweaking, as always. Re-bookmark on iOS devices to get a new Apple touch icon.

Please get in touch if you’ve found something broken or have any questions or suggestions. Things I’ll be working on next include support for image galleries (I’ll be shooting a lot of photos this year) and potentially a mobile style sheet.

And stay tuned for the next SplatF Quarterly Update coming later this week.