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The only 5 things that matter at Mobile World Congress

Feb. 29, ‘12: Telling the truth! Also: Some photos of Google’s amazing Android booth, and a geek’s dream for the Motorola deal.

Time Warner Cable tries usage-based pricing again in Texas

Feb. 28, ‘12: If you recall, the last time TWC tried to do this a couple of years ago, it was a disaster. So, this is important: The plan is optional, designed to save light users some money, and Time Warner Cable promises … Continue reading →

Kickstarter of the week: Ze Frank is bringing back ‘The Show’

Feb. 28, ‘12: It has already passed its funding goal, so the show will go on. But if you didn’t read the amazing gifts for the $150-$7,500 donation categories, you’re missing out.

The state of the Mac

Feb. 28, ‘12: I pulled together some charts and analysis for RWW. In short: The Mac is still a very strong business, and it’s not going to be merged into the iPad or iOS. Perhaps the worst thing the Mac has going for it these … Continue reading →

SplatF At Mobile World Congress

Feb. 26, ‘12: I’m in Barcelona this week for Mobile World Congress. I’ll be posting my longer, more thoughtful pieces on ReadWriteWeb, and linking to them here. I’ll also be posting short, less thoughtful ideas on my personal @FromeDome Twitter account. If you’re … Continue reading →

‘Start Making’

Feb. 24, ‘12: I am pumped to be part of this campaign promoting entrepreneurship, led by General Assembly, the education-center-slash-cool-office-space in NYC. You can check out my short video here, or many more here, including Mario Batali, Mike Bloomberg, David Kelley from IDEO, etc. … Continue reading →

Fast Times in East Berlin: Exploring Europe’s new startup capital

Feb. 24, ‘12: I spent a few wonderful days last month in Berlin, meeting with startups, collecting stickers, and doing a little semi-sketchy urban exploration. Here’s my feature story for ReadWriteWeb.

Creators: Nina Mehta

Feb. 24, ‘12: Nina Mehta is a designer at Twilio in San Francisco. (She was recommended for this series by Khoi Vinh.) Follow her on Twitter at @ninamehta. 1) What have you been making lately? Form has been a driving force for what I’ve … Continue reading →

iPad + Office + Apple + Microsoft: Why It All Makes Sense

Feb. 23, ‘12: In case you missed the craziness this week, Microsoft appears to be making some Office apps for the iPad. Or maybe it’s not. Or whatever. MG Siegler has a good wrapup of the nonsense here. Office for the iPad makes … Continue reading →

Everything’s A Gadget Now

Feb. 22, ‘12: Nike really gets it: The future of athletic shoes is as much about software as it is about the actual shoes. The new stuff announced today, Nike+ Training, looks cool: Sensors that track your movement in detail — even capable of measuring … Continue reading →