Friday, February 17, 2012 at 2:12 pm.

MLB At Bat pricing changes: No $15 iOS app fee for MLB.TV Premium subs

Major League Baseball’s pricing structure for its iOS/mobile apps is changing a bit this year.

Instead of $15-per-mobile-app fees — iPhone and iPad were separate apps, so $30 for both — MLB.TV Premium subscribers will be able to log in and stream live game video and audio for no extra fee. (Launching 2/29, according to MLB’s site.) Xbox 360 streaming will also launch this year for the first time, for Premium subs only.

MLB.TV Premium costs $125 this year, up $5 from last year. But if you were a subscriber last year, and have your account set to auto-bill, you’ll pay last year’s price. So instead of spending $150 total for MLB.TV, the iPhone app, and the iPad app, you’ll pay $120 as a repeat customer. Or $125 for new customers. That’s $25-30 in savings; a nice added value.

MLB.TV Standard — no access from mobile/connected devices — is $110.

(Unfortunately, the Cubs will still probably stink.)