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‘iFactory: Inside Apple’

Feb. 22, ‘12: The ABC News/Nightline special report on Foxconn and Apple just aired on the east coast. This was, as a reminder, an unprecedented look inside Apple’s factories in China, led by ABC reporter Bill Weir. (Photos here, full episode video here.) … Continue reading →

Why Netflix is prioritizing exclusive and original video content

Feb. 21, ‘12: The streaming-movies-and-TV-episodes market is quickly becoming a commodity: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Comcast’s new “Xfinity Streampix,” etc. Soon, everyone will be able to stream you every episode of “The Office” ever aired. In that reality, Netflix’s opportunities to stand out … Continue reading →

ABC News preview for Apple-Foxconn ‘Nightline’ report

Feb. 20, ‘12: Apple promised complete access, no dog-and-pony, no Potemkin Village, but they denied my repeated requests to interview Apple CEO Tim Cook or the senior vice president of industrial design, Jony Ive. Also smart of ABC’s Bill Weir to quickly disclose Apple’s … Continue reading →

MLB At Bat pricing changes: No $15 iOS app fee for MLB.TV Premium subs

Feb. 17, ‘12: Major League Baseball’s pricing structure for its iOS/mobile apps is changing a bit this year. Instead of $15-per-mobile-app fees — iPhone and iPad were separate apps, so $30 for both — MLB.TV Premium subscribers will be able to log in … Continue reading →

My sweet Mac setup

Feb. 17, ‘12: Shawn Blanc runs a nice blog about tech and design and asked me to participate in his “Sweet Mac Setup” series. How I could pass up something like that? So read on for more than you ever wanted to know about … Continue reading →

Will Leitch: ‘Twitter Is Driving Everybody Insane (Especially Darren Rovell)’

Feb. 16, ‘12: Fun read at Deadspin from December. (Via Peter Kafka.) Twitter is so much fun, right? It’s easier, it’s quicker, it’s Just Twitter. I love it. You love it. It’s how we communicate now. But let’s not pretend: It’s batshit that we do … Continue reading →

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion: The Important Stuff

Feb. 16, ‘12: Apple announced the latest version of its Mac operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, this morning. It’s set to ship this summer — earlier than I’d expected a new version of OS X, but I’ll take it. The big story … Continue reading →

SplatF on Pinterest

Feb. 16, ‘12: I’ll be posting charts, gadgets, and other art, if you’re into that sort of thing.

10 Starz Movies To Stream On Netflix Before They Go Away

Feb. 16, ‘12: Time is ticking! Starz movies will vanish at the end of February. Toy Story 3: I actually haven’t seen this yet, but how could you go wrong with a Pixar movie? The Pixar Story: Speaking of Pixar, a great little … Continue reading →

Apple’s Twitter

Feb. 15, ‘12: Speaking of Apple-owned social networks, here’s an interesting post on the topic by Anil Dash last May. [I]n short, the hardest, most expensive technical part of building a web-scale Twitter competitor already exists in Apple’s infrastructure. What’s missing, in an … Continue reading →