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Time for Apple to build its own social network (and buy Path?)

Feb. 15, ‘12: Here’s my post at ReadWriteWeb in response to Addressbookgate: Apple can take all that address book data and make a real social platform out of it, adding features like two-way friend confirmation, blocking users, public profiles, photo sharing, activity streams, … Continue reading →

Apple’s crazy decade of growth: When’s the peak?

Feb. 15, ‘12: At ReadWriteWeb, I’ve chronicled (and charted) Apple’s last ten years of incredible growth. That is, it’s been ten full years since 2001, the last year that Apple’s annual revenue declined on a year-over-year basis. Since then, Apple has grown every … Continue reading →

Tim Cook interview at the Goldman Sachs tech conference

Feb. 14, ‘12: I’m linking here to Apple’s investor relations site. Tim Cook is still speaking as I write this, and I assume there will be an audio replay of his interview up for a while. (Here’s a transcript by Jordan Golson for … Continue reading →

‘Linsanity’ Is Money For MSG, And: Why Grownups Steal

Feb. 13, ‘12: It has been a particularly memorable week living in New York, as unexpected Knicks star Jeremy Lin has taken over the city. (Good intro/explainer here by Peter Kafka.) I am a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan and have hated the Knicks … Continue reading →

How Infographics Are Ruining The Web

Feb. 10, ‘12: Get Smarter: SplatF Featured Charts

Adventures In Self-Publishing: SplatF’s Six-Month Checkup

Feb. 9, ‘12: SplatF’s six-month checkup is… a bit late. It’s actually been seven months since I started publishing this site in early July, 2011. Hey, I’ve been busy! I redesigned the site in January, adding new, shorter link-type posts (trendy!) and comments … Continue reading →

Google developing its own home audio entertainment system

Feb. 9, ‘12: Amir Efrati for the Wall Street Journal: Google’s Android unit has led a multi-year effort to develop the device, which may possibly stream other digital media besides music and is expected to be unveiled later this year, people familiar with … Continue reading →

New 4G LTE Android phones actually getting decent battery life

Feb. 9, ‘12: Nilay Patel, reviewing the new Motorola Droid Razr Maxx for The Verge: In general use, I found that the Maxx would run for about a day and a half to two days without a charge if I used it normally. … Continue reading →

iPad 3 coming in March

Feb. 9, ‘12: So says John Paczkowski, whose pipeline into the Apple world is particularly solid. I skipped the iPad 2, waiting for a retina display, so I’ll be buying a couple of these. (My wife has recently taken a liking to our … Continue reading →

Yahoo’s new CEO wants to reduce focus on ads

Feb. 9, ‘12: At 80%+ in the SplatF “Eggs in One Basket” index, Yahoo sure relies a lot on ads. (Not as much as Google, but a lot.) Anyway, with Yahoo’s new boss Scott Thompson coming from PayPal, you’d expect this sort of … Continue reading →