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iTunes Match is ‘magic money that Apple made exist out of thin air for copyright holders’

Feb. 8, ‘12: TuneCore CEO Jeff Price: The first royalty payments from iMatch are in, and they got me excited – the total amount is over $10,000 for the first two months.

Foursquare CEO on moving past the ‘mayor’ jokes

Feb. 8, ‘12: I did a Q&A with Foursquare co-founder/CEO Dennis Crowley for ReadWriteWeb, and one of the main things we talked about was Foursquare’s need to get past some of its initial clichés and stereotypes — mayors, badges, etc. — and mature … Continue reading →

Path deletes all auto-harvested phonebook data and makes it an opt-in feature

Feb. 8, ‘12: Path founder Dave Morin, in a post called “We are sorry.” We believe you should have control when it comes to sharing your personal information. We also believe that actions speak louder than words. So, as a clear signal of … Continue reading →

Follow SplatF on LinkedIn

Feb. 8, ‘12: If you’re using the LinkedIn Today news portal and want to see more SplatF stories there, you can now follow the SplatF feed on LinkedIn. Thanks!

Path busted uploading your whole iPhone phonebook to its servers

Feb. 7, ‘12: Path CEO/founder Dave Morin is a well-meaning guy, and I assume this was just a bad decision, and not an attempt to collect and hold your entire address book hostage. Plenty of apps let you look for friends in your … Continue reading →

Why Apple Would Dare Partner With Those Evil Cable/Telco TV Providers

Feb. 7, ‘12: At GigaOm, Ryan Lawler walks through the latest reports and speculation about Apple’s TV set, including supposed partnerships in the works with cable and telco TV providers. Why would Apple want to partner with these horrible monopolies when it is … Continue reading →

‘Hey Bill, it’s Steve’

Feb. 7, ‘12: To achieve the impossible, sometimes you have to do the unthinkable. Nice essay by Jim Maiella. But here’s the beauty part, not only did Steve Jobs have to find a way to fix Apple’s products and restore its broken relationship … Continue reading →

Facebook’s Mobile Problem Isn’t Ads — It’s The Product

Feb. 6, ‘12: In a well-circulated New York Times article, Jenna Wortham notes that Facebook doesn’t make any money from mobile. Despite a ton of mobile users — about half of its 845 million monthly users — it’s going to be a significant challenge for … Continue reading →

Why Apple doesn’t buy Super Bowl ads

Feb. 6, ‘12: John Gruber nails it: Super Bowl ads bring high-profile attention to major announcements. Apple doesn’t need pay for Super Bowl ads to get high-profile attention for their major announcements.

Why today’s ‘Smart TVs’ aren’t

Feb. 6, ‘12: Amol Sarva: Apparently people actually have these. The product is really bad though. Nobody, nobody deserves to say “oh why does Apple get all the credit; we have had these for years” Apple obviously won’t be the first company to … Continue reading →