Friday, February 24, 2012 at 1:34 pm.

‘Start Making’

I am pumped to be part of this campaign promoting entrepreneurship, led by General Assembly, the education-center-slash-cool-office-space in NYC. You can check out my short video here, or many more here, including Mario Batali, Mike Bloomberg, David Kelley from IDEO, etc. (The whole point of this: General Assembly will be offering a free online program on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship; you can sign up for more info on either of those pages.)

Credit where due: The first line in my video, where I say, “basically the biggest mistake you could make right now is not dreaming big enough,” is me referencing John Gruber’s excellent speech at the Çingleton Symposium last year, where he said, “The only thing any of us are going to regret is if we don’t aim big enough.” Unfortunately, the part where I credit him in the video was left out in editing. So, please note that’s who I’m trying to quote there, and try to watch Gruber’s speech here — the part I cite is close to the end. It’s good.

While I’m thanking people… some of the other comments I made in my video were a result of the direct or indirect teachings of Henry Blodget, my former boss at Business Insider, and Mike Frommer, my father, who founded and ran a small ad agency while I was growing up. Entrepreneurship has been part of my life basically forever, and I’m grateful for those who’ve taught me this kind of stuff over the years.

Anyway, I’ll shut up, and you: Start making.