Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 12:28 am.

10 Starz Movies To Stream On Netflix Before They Go Away

Time is ticking! Starz movies will vanish at the end of February.

  1. Toy Story 3: I actually haven’t seen this yet, but how could you go wrong with a Pixar movie?
  2. The Pixar Story: Speaking of Pixar, a great little documentary, including interviews with Steve Jobs, John Lasseter, etc. Super fun.
  3. Big: Tom Hanks discovers growing up is bogus. Ah, the 80s.
  4. HappyThankYouMorePlease: Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”) tries for (and doesn’t get) Zach Braff/”Garden State”-like success with this indie thing about artsy/hipster life lessons. Still, decent.
  5. Warren Miller’s: Storm: When sorting by rating, this had the highest of all the Starz movies — almost four full stars. Extreme skiing!
  6. Mallrats: My personal favorite of the Kevin Smith / Jay and Silent Bob movies. Incredible dialogue and so 1995.
  7. Twins: One of the movies I’d watch over and over on VHS (or was it Beta?) when I was a kid. Kinda great, kinda terrible. But Arnold and Danny DeVito going nuts!
  8. The English Patient: Won nine Oscars for 1997, including best picture, best director, best cinematography, and best supporting actress.
  9. Scarface: Pacino. Over 200 F-bombs. Not for kids.
  10. Sorority Girls’ Revenge: The lowest-rated of the Starz titles. One review: “Completely unwatchable. Even the soft porn spanking sucks since the girls in this film arent that cute or wearing anything actually sexy.”

Btw, it was hard to find 10 movies that don’t look laughably bad. Netflix isn’t going to miss Starz very much, I don’t think.

Update: Some suggestions are rolling in: Breaking Away (via Peter Kafka) and Teen Wolf and The Secret of My Success (via Dan Maccarone).