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‘The end of RIM as we know it’

Mar. 29, ‘12: A real stinker from RIM this past quarter: Sales down 25% year-over-year while Apple’s iPhone revenue more than doubled. I’ve updated my 10-year chart on RIM’s sales for ReadWriteWeb. Fiscal 2012 was its first year of declining revenue ever, and … Continue reading →

HBO Go For Xbox A No-Go For Comcast, Time Warner Cable Customers

Mar. 27, ‘12: HBO Go — plus MLB.TV and Comcast’s Xfinity app — launched today for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, adding more entertainment utility to tens of millions of Xboxes. As Microsoft tries to expand the Xbox beyond gaming — an important showdown on the horizon … Continue reading →

iPad Tradeup

Mar. 25, ‘12: Just got back from the Apple Store* with my new, new iPad. Now I have the 64 GB Verizon LTE model; before, I bought the 32 GB wi-fi model, as I explained here. (Still sticking with black bezel, to offer the … Continue reading →

Why Jeffrey Zeldman let his Google IO invitation expire

Mar. 23, ‘12: While I should be curious about Google IO and what I will miss if I fail to take advantage of the cumbersome offer, what I’m actually far more curious about is how an organization that can’t write an effective direct … Continue reading →

Everything you ever wanted to know about Gore-Tex

Mar. 23, ‘12: Jackets and boots are tech too! With just as much drama, hostility, and legal shenanigans as the smartphone business. Good story by Mike Kessler for Outside magazine.

Fast Company profiles

Mar. 23, ‘12: Seriously one of the most impressive, underappreciated technology companies in the world. I’ve been fortunate to have spent some time behind the scenes at MLB Advanced Media, and they really do great work there. Nice profile by Chuck Salter for … Continue reading →

’100 Or So Actual Phone Names’

Mar. 22, ‘12: Pretty funny list from Matt Buchanan at BuzzFeed. I’ve been wondering: Under Google’s ownership, will Motorola still name phones things like the “Razr Maxx”? Just seems cheap and lowbrow.

The Feature

Mar. 22, ‘12: Marco Arment and Richard Dunlop-Walters’ renamed “Give Me Something To Read” listing of great long-form articles. Includes, of course, built-in Instapaper links. (Arment explains why here.) A useful site if you have time to read stuff, in the vein of Longreads. … Continue reading →

Flurry: China’s iOS and Android activations passed U.S. for first time ever in February

Mar. 21, ‘12: Peter Farago, writing on Flurry’s blog: In January 2011, the U.S. accounted for 28% of the world’s total iOS and Android device activations, while China accounted for 8%.  In February, Flurry calculated that China surpassed the United States in monthly … Continue reading →

Aziz Ansari goes the ‘Louis C.K.’ route with $5 comedy special

Mar. 20, ‘12: I did a standup tour called Dangerously Delicious. Then I filmed it at the Warner Theatre in DC in June of 2011. I paid for the production myself and wanted to release it online. While I was trying to figure … Continue reading →