Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 6:11 pm.

Bump To SplatF: Hey, Millions Of People Use Our App!

While analyzing Apple’s top-all-time-apps lists last week, I poked Bump a little, asking “Do people actually use this app? Have never seen it.” Bump, no. 14 on the all-time free iPhone apps list, seemed high, given how little I’ve heard about it over the years.

(The idea behind Bump is to share stuff from one phone to another — contact information and photos, primarily — by “bumping” them near each other. More here and here.)

Anyway, after my post, a Bump rep reached out with these stats and facts (pasted verbatim). Not bad!

  • 80+ million downloads, 10+ million active users [monthly —df.]
  • 75-80% iOS, 20-25% Android
  • Between 1.5-2 million photos shared per day (~20/second on average)
  • Over 462,826,000 total photos shared over all time (as of Feb 2012)
  • By bump action, contacts and photo sharing is roughly equal, but photos dominate by volume because people share many at once
  • #14 most-downloaded free app of all time in the US, #5 in Japan, #3 in Italy
  • Y Combinator company, currently backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia, has raised $16.5 million in funding
  • 30-person team based in Mountain View

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